I Am Worthy

I am worthy of love. I am worthy of belonging.

I am worthy of someone shouting from the rooftops and even stupid fucking social media that he is my partner.

I am worthy of respect.

I am worthy of someone not running from me in fear.

I am worthy of commitment and fidelity.

I am worthy of being held when I am crying in the dark, even if it’s because I spilled all the Q-tips on the floor, or I am having period cramps, or my uncle is dying.

I am worthy of someone loving me for ME – for exactly who I am, this very exact moment. Even if I’m not 115 lbs or have conquered an extreme sport; even if I have grey chin hairs and a fleshy tummy.

I am worthy of love because I am already loved: wholly, completely.

I am worthy of being in relationship because I am a really good partner. I am a good friend.

I am a good girlfriend. I have the desire and potential to be a good wife.
And I will hold out for someone who wants the same things I do.

Who wants me for me.

And that is that.

2 thoughts on “I Am Worthy

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve reread this at least 20 times since you posted, like a meditation. This one really gets me. The first post-divorce relationship just ended for me and I am feeling about as unworthy as a divorced mid 30s lady can feel. I needed this post. The world needed this post. Thank you once again for your honesty.

    • You are so welcome. I, of all people, do not like to hear the things people keep saying after a divorce or breakup, but the truth is, you ARE worthy! And you WILL be okay. Grieve, cry, scream, blow snot bubbles, feel, process with your friends, family and loved ones. Most importantly, keep moving forward.

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