Diamonds are a (Divorced) Girl’s Best Friend

A year ago, I sold my wedding rings.

Actually, a diamond is *not* forever.

Actually, a diamond is *not* forever.

Although it was empowering to rid myself of the final remnants of my marriage – the most symbolic token of all – I agonized over the possibility of keeping the diamonds and repurposing them.

Another ring? No.

A necklace, perhaps?

In the end, I sold the engagement diamond to a jeweler for $45.00, and dumped the one I could not sell – a tiny fleck of a Tiffany diamond – into the Pacific Ocean. I decided were I to have diamonds in the future, I would buy them for myself.


A few weeks ago, I performed with Brian Setzer at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Andrea attended the sold-out show, and met me in my dressing room afterward. She presented me with a stunning pair of handmade chain mail earrings, and another gift.

“This is from the Saudis,” she smiled.

For a year and a half after my divorce, Andrea and I designed an entire home for a very prominent family in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I was grateful to have such an exotic job, and the opportunity to work with/learn from one of my best friends. The project was extremely detailed.  There were many times I wasn’t sure we’d meet our tight deadlines. We had to source, purchase, store and ship everything overseas, even down to mattress pads and pillowcases.

I had worked at Andrea’s successful, Los Angeles-based firm since the fall of 2009. She hired me because I was desperate for work. My derelict ex-husband had long ceased his marital duties, including financial contribution. I was on my own.

Last December, Andrea made some major changes to her business. She needed more architects on board, and I was graciously let go. There were no hard feelings; it seemed a natural progression for both of us. The loss of that job was ultimately the catalyst that pushed me out of the nest, and a blind leap of faith into the next chapter of my life.


Two days before Christmas, I opened the little teal bag Andrea handed me. I read the card first, tracing my finger along the etching, “TIFFANY & CO.”


Dear Leslie,
Your spirit, energy and professionalism made it all possible for us to get the job done. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Love, Fahda and Khalid

I carefully unwrapped the glossy, white ribbon from the familiar blue box, and gasped.

Inside lay a diamond necklace.

Tears welled up in my eyes. It was exactly the necklace I would have designed for myself, even with an old, tainted diamond. I hadn’t admitted it, but I truly believed I would never receive a Tiffany diamond again.

It was at the bottom of the ocean, Titanic-style.

One year later, I have a brand new, gorgeous piece of jewelry I wear every single day.  I cannot help but marvel at God’s kindness and provision. This diamond is shinier, bigger and brighter. This diamond is forever, because not only is it a gift from the bottom of people’s hearts, it is a very personal gift from my Heavenly Father.

He truly makes all things new.

7 thoughts on “Diamonds are a (Divorced) Girl’s Best Friend

  1. Bruiseviolet says:

    Oh how freeing and hard for you! I still have my engagement ring- it’s a vintage ring and I totally love it. =( I’m having a hard time parting with it- because I love the ring, but never wear it because of the symbolism of it and how I received the ring. I’ve tossed around saving it for my kids in case they want it? Everyone in my family seems to think they won’t (we were only engaged, never married) and I should just get rid of it. For now it’s put away in my fire safe. I figure when/if it’s time to do something with it, that the Lord will give me peace about it.

  2. Emily says:

    Love this article. You are inspiring. Keep speaking truth!

  3. Heather says:

    Reminds me of God’s faithfulness to us. HE will never leave you or forsake you. HE is pleased with the acclaim you give to him in these public proclamations, friend:).

    Now please get your ass in gear and write that blog! Your voice is needed in the cyber world of falsehood and bullshit!

    Much love!!

  4. Carol says:

    Absolutely beautiful. He is so gracious!!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Leslie, I hope you see the diamond is a symbol of God’s promise to you. He will bring you a husband that is far more than you could imagine – better than the first one, and unexpected how ideally suited for you. But it will be in His timing. I found it interesting that you swore you would buy the next diamond yourself. That shows me you are not entirely trusting God to provide for you. Please believe with all your heart that you deserve a man who will not only love and cherish you til death do us part, but who will also put a nice rock on your finger. He is out there! But you have to believe and stop putting all the weight on yourself to make it happen. God sees your heart. He knows your needs. And most of all he knows how you tried to uphold your vows. Nothing is in vain. You go girl!

    • Tiffany, I think you might have misunderstood this post.

      I will be the first to admit I am a fiercely independent woman. I desire to be married again someday, but I firmly disagree with your assumption I am not entirely trusting God to provide for me.

      This diamond is EXACTLY His provision for me. It’s an extremely personal gift from my Heavenly Father who, indeed, knows my heart. And, as an extreme side note, this diamond shows me how I do not need a man — nor wait for one — to enjoy life.

      There are far too many single women out there who are waiting to meet the man they think they deserve to start their lives. To me — and perhaps this is more of a theological debate than an opinion — it’s a form of idolatry. Let’s allow Jesus to be Jesus, and the men in our lives to be men.

      At the same time:

      * I do not need a husband to be a full, complete, happy, healthy woman.
      * It’s okay to want to buy jewelry for myself. If, indeed, a man comes along and buys me some, too — yay!
      * God has not promised me a second marriage just because I followed the rules and got burned. He has already shown me His provision and love for me in many other ways; ways I would have never experienced inside marriage.

      Someday, if I do get married again, I do hope to enjoy a big ol’ rock on my finger. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the one around my neck. 🙂

  6. tankis9 says:

    I am a divorced male and I enjoy your posts. I came across your blog through a publisher’s website. Interesting and fresh perspective…Keep it up!

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