Keep Moving Forward

2014 has been a good year.

I started out essentially homeless, not knowing when or if I would be able to move into an apartment that was seemingly hand-picked by God, Himself. It took several months, a few losses (and tantrums), but I finally landed.

Moving to New York City might have been the craziest, bravest and most adventurous thing I have done yet. And it hasn’t turned out at ALL what I had expected or planned.

Isn’t that just how life works?

As I reflect from a high-floored, Las Vegas casino hotel room on this New Year’s Eve, I am grateful for the opportunity to travel and do what I absolutely love.

I sing. I perform. I write. I love life.

If anything this past year has taught me, it is to never fear. You cannot control the circumstances, outcome or even other people, but the adventure itself is worth every twist and turn. The journey is worth the heartache.

Most important: God will never abandon you.


The adventure continues in 2015. Take risks. Leap into the unknown. Love freely, fiercely and with abandon. Live in the moment. Keep hoping. Keep dreaming. Keep moving forward.

Happy, blessed New Year.

One thought on “Keep Moving Forward

  1. bunnyb1802 says:

    Found your blog and, having just signed my divorce papers, following the shittiest of years which saw my husband embark on an affair and see me broken, it was good to see another woman who happens to have faith in God, also working her way through stuff.

    Your posts have made me smile as I’ve read them. I don’t pretend to understand all that has gone on but I love the Rolling Stones quote. I surely thought that all the prayers I prayed ensured I would have the marriage I hoped for. I still have questions and doubts and don’t expect these to get resolved any time soon but I keep plodding forward and looking for God to show me that life isn’t over and I think I saw a chink of light at the end of this tunnel.

    Thanks for making the journey a little less painful.

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